We invest from Seed to Series B, and typically focus on B2B focused companies, or those that are globally scalable. We don’t focus on one particular sector and we don’t try and predict the future, instead we look to founders and their vision to help us understand the important changes ahead.

Our investment is the smaller component of the value we add to companies looking to become successful and scale globally. When we invest we match capital to world-class technology and business advice and long term funding. Our aim is to unlock your potential, collaborate with your team, provide the right support and remove barriers to your success.

The Big Picture

We look for unique companies that have an opportunity to scale quickly. Your chosen market needs to be big. 

You can demonstrate early traction, paying customers and early metrics that will sustainably scale your growth.

Your deep market insight will help us understand your customer value, and why your product is important.

Focus Areas

We don’t focus on a particular sector, but we do look for companies with the following product features & business models


Subscription (SaaS)


Mobile oriented


Marketplaces & intermediary models


 Developer software


Data analytics driven


 Intelligent technology

Investment Framework


Inquisitive & adaptive

Dedicated to team

Driven by solutions

Deep market insight


More than an idea

Technical achievability

Metrics that matter

Clear product vision


Vast market opportunity

Clear differentiation

Product market fit

Customers acquired


Clearly defined problem

Clearly defined solution

Rational business model

Few competitors


We have proudly partnered with these great founders and companies

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